60 000 LBP, breakfast included
Patti Smith
Nuit Blanche 2008
Vaya Con Dios
Chucho Valdes and Michel Legrand
Return of the Phoenix




Old Byblos will be open all night for our first "Nuit Blanche" that goes on till breakfast is served at dawn.

After the release of their brilliant first album on EMI, the duo formed by Marc Codsi and Mayaline Hage will perform LIVE their elegant and groovy electro-pop

Sebastien Tellier
Produced by Daft Punk, Tellier delivers a unique blend of melodic pop and electronic rhythms as a hybrid son of Serge Gainsbourg and Daft Punk. In just 3 albums, Tellier has become France's most acclaimed young talent.

Founded in 1993 in DŸsseldorf, the duet is one of Germany's most celebrated electronic bands. In Byblos, they will perform LIVE a set mixing techno, dub, rock and ambient music.

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