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The history | David Gilmore | Director and choreographer interview



Director David Gilmore and choreographer Arlene Phillips talk about Grease.

Q: What makes Grease such a special show?

David: Its verve and vitality and energy and such toe-tapping tunes.

Arlene: This show has the hottest dancers in town and the best singer-actors with voices that everyone will wish they owned.

David: The casting is inspired.

Arlene: It's been fun teaching the company to dance – they weren't all dancers but they've been really eager to learn.

David: The set and costumes have been designed by Terry Parsons and Andreane Neofitou, who are two of the most talented people in the business, and they've achieved wonders.

How do you create a 50s feel for a 21st century show?

Arlene: We've done a lot of research into the 50s.

David: What we are giving the public is what they think that they remember, because the past was not actually how people remember it now. If we put the real past on stage now it would be greyer and duller and smaller. What we have done is to show the past in a distorting mirror - it's bigger, better, livelier and funnier than the reality.

How have you been influenced by the film version of Grease?

David: I saw the film once.

Arlene: The film is a part of my life. I've watched it many, many times with my daughter, Alana. It's a lot of fun.

Have you had any help from Jim Jacobs?

David: Jim has come over and made changes to the script to enhance what was already there -we've done that together.

Arlene: There were some changes to the script made for a 21st century audience.

David: The film redefined the original stage show for all time. You have to take that into account.

Arlene: One is aware that Grease is now part of a cult and the audience is expecting what they know. We're hoping that this production will inspire them to keep the cult going. I've loved working on this production. It's great to do a show with lots of dancing in it.

David: Grease doesn't have a message. It gives you a flavor of being a teenager in the 50s - when rock 'n' roll and putting grease on your hair were the most important things in life. If people come along to the show and take it on that level then we'll give them a party. In fact, if you come out of the theatre feeling that you've been to the best party in town, then we'll know that we're getting it right.




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