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Composer, writer, film and stage director and producer Marwan Rahbani was born in Antelias, Lebanon in 1958. Marwan studied music composition under the guidance of Master Hagob Arslanian. He took courses in the aesthetics of dramatic with the late Andre Gedeon, following which he moved to Paris, then Los Angeles, to complete a course in film direction. Upon graduation, Marwan soon immersed himself in theater direction; he worked with the late legend Assi Rahbani on several musical plays by the Rahbani brothers in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, France (the Olympia in Paris) and England (the Palladium in London).
He established Rahbani Productions in Lebanon in 1977, and moved to Dubai in 1989. The company specializes in the production of commercials, TV programs and documentaries. Rahbani Productions has recently embarked on a new venture, to provide on-flight entertainment for illustrious airlines.

Marwan Rahbani’s repertoire includes:


Film and Television

- He directed two films: Anything Wrong Miss, a short from 1975, and feature film End of Summer in 1979.
- He directed for television the following musical plays: Hello Beirut, Summer 840, The Will, Coup D’Etat, The Last Days of Socrates, Maronite Mass (in 2000), He Rose on the 3rd Day (2000), Abu Tayeb Al Moutanabbi (2001), Flags of Freedom (2002), The Nation and The Leader (2003), Pavarotti Concert (2003), and Kings of Communities (2003).
- He also directed over 120 TV features, including children’s shows, variety musicals, dramas, documentaries, and made well over 500 TV commercials.


His current catalogue includes more than 20 CD releases, widely available on the market, consisting of music composed with his brother Ghady Rahbani.


- Hello Beirut (Music-Hall), shown in Lebanon (1982), Libya (1984), Jordan (1984), Syria (1985), the United Arab Emirates (1985) and Kuwait (1986).
- Lawhat (Ballet), shown in London, 1987 / Credited as co-composer.
- Al Assifa: The Tempest (Ballet), 1988 / Credited as co-composer.
- Al Inqilab: Coup d’Etat (Musical play), shown in Lebanon (1995), Syria (1996) and the UAE (1996) / Credited as director, co-writer, and co-composer.
- The Last Days of Socrates (Musical Play), shown in Lebanon (1998), Egypt (Cairo’s Opera House, 1999) and Abu Dhabi (2000).
- The Voice, shown in Syria (Palais des Congres, 1998) / Credited as director and co-composer.
- Passage To Asia (Variety show), shown in Syria (Damascus International Fair, 1999) and Lebanon, 1999 / Credited as director and co-composer.
- The Maronite Mass (Concert), shown in Lebanon, 2000 / Credited as director.
- He Rose on the Third Day (Musical Play), shown in Lebanon, May 2000 / Credited as director.
Won the Said Akl Award for Best Director in August 2000, and the Golden Murex for Best Theater Director in June 2001.
- Abu Tayeb Al Mutanabbi (Musical Play), shown in Dubai (2001), Lebanon (Baalbeck Festival, 2001 / Beirut Forum, 2002), Syria (Palais des Congres, 2001), and the Kingdom of Jordan (2002).
- Flags of Freedom (Operette), shown in Bahrein (August 2002) / Credited as composer and director.
- The Nation and the Leader (Operette), shown in Qatar (2003) / Credited as director.
- Kings of Communities (Musical Play), shown in Lebanon (2003) / Credited as director.
- The Last Day (Musical Play), shown in Lebanon (2004) / Credited as director.
- Hekem al Rehyan (Musical Play), shown in Lebanon (2004) / Credited as director.
- Gibran and the Prophet (Musical Play), shown in Lebanon (Byblos Festival, 2005) / Credited as director.
- Zenobia (Musical Play), shown in Dubai (2007) / Credited as co-composer and director.
- The Return of the Phoenix (Musical Play), Director (Byblos Festival, 2008)

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