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Ghadi Rahbani

  Author, composer, poet, producer and orchestra leader Ghadi Rahbani is Marwan and Oussama’s brother. He was born in Lebanon in 1960, where he studied composition, harmony and piano under the guidance of Hagop Arslanian for a period of ten years.
In 1989 he founded Rahbani Productions in Dubai with his brother Marwan. He works with equal ease in various media, including TV, theatre and film.
Ghadi Rahbani’s repertoire includes:    

Theater and Ballet

- Hello Beirut (Theatrical show), 1982 / Credited as author and composer.
- Lawhat (Ballet), shown in London, 1987 / Credited as author and composer.
- Summer of 840, by Mansour Rahbani, 1987 / Credited as orchestrator and conductor.
- Al Wasyah: The Will by Mansour Rahbani, 1993 / Credited as co-orchestrator.
- Al Assifa: The Tempest, by Charles Sawaya (Ballet), 1994 / Credited as co-author and co-composer.
- Al Inqilab: Coup d’État, 1995 / Credited as author and composer.
- The Last Days of Socrates, by Mansour Rahbani, with the Kiev City Symphony Orchestra, 1998 / Credited as co-orchestrator, co-composer and conductor.
- Passage to Asia (Variety Show), 1999 / Credited as author and composer.
- He Rose on the Third Day, by Oussama Rahbani, 2000 / Credited as co-composer.
- The Maronite Mass, by Mansour Rahbani, 2000 / Credited as co-orchestrator and conductor.

Film and Television

- End of summer / 1980
- Artistic Visit / 1983, Ghadi also wrote several social and educational programs for children, as well as TV documentaries that include:
- Escaping Moments
- The Memorial of Assi Rahbani’s Death (a biography of the Rahbani Brothers). Of the latter, 120 different episodes were made for TV.



Ghadi wrote the lyrics for a number of songs, including ‘Our Story in Society’ and ‘I’ve Got to Change the System’ (whose video-clips were directed by Oussama Rahbani). He has also composed for classical orchestra and piano on several instances, and his illustrious quartet for strings and woodwinds was performed in Damascus and Cairo.
In the years 2001 and 2002, Ghadi and his brother Oussama re-did the orchestration of several passages from the Rahbani Brothers’ musicals, and along with other Lebanese composers presented these re-interpretations as symphonic suites, as part of an elegant tribute to Lebanon’s musical heritage in two parts: Lebanese Night, with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, conducted by Vladimir Sirenko (2001), and Impressions from Lebanon, with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Constantine Orbelian (2002). In 2003, Ghadi composed and wrote the orchestral parts for Kings of Communities. He also re-orchestrated some of the Rahbani Brothers’ songs with l’Orchestre de la Région de Tours, with maestro Jean Clement Jollet conducting. The pieces were performed in the ‘Niha’ and ‘Sourat’ festivals. In 2004, he contributed to Hekem al Rehyan and The Last Day by Oussama Rahbani, while 2005 was marked by his participation to Oussama Rahbani’s Gibran and the Prophet.
In 2007, Ghadi co-composed, orchestrated and conceived the production for the musical play Zenobia.
In 2008, Ghadi co-composed and orchestrated The Return of the Phoenix.
He founded the ‘Fersan 4’ group and he released their first CD the same year.
In 2009, he participated in the new production of Saif 840 at Byblos International Festival and Casino du Liban.
In 2011, he returns to the Byblos Festival as the author of the epic musical play Don Quixote.

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