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Don Quixote
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Don Quixote | Marwan Rahbani | Ghadi Rahbani | Oussama Rahbani

A musical play by Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani.

Based on Cervantes’ literary masterpiece, Don Quixote is an epic musical play created by Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani for the opening of Byblos 2011.

Don Quixote’s idealism clashes with Lebanese realities in this huge theatrical sensation starring Rafic Ali Ahmad, Hiba Tawaji and Paul Sleiman.


Dear friends,

With the beginning of every summer, we gather at Byblos, this ancient city that has given its name to the Holy Bible, educated mankind, proclaimed civilization and spread alphabet and knowledge in the whole world.

The new play we will be presenting this season at the opening of Byblos International festival is inspired by the most renowned novel in the world: “Don Quixote” by Cervantes:  a Literary wonder that achieved international fame just like the “Iliad” by Homer, the “Divine Comedy” by Dante, “Faust” by Goethe, and “Romeo and Juliet” By Shakespeare. And if we wanted to sum up this novel with one word, it would be “Sarcasm”, as it is the most sarcastic and satirical novel in western literature. Yet, stories that make people laugh make them weep too.

Why “ Don Quixote” ? … And why today?
Because it is the time to dream, and what is a dream but a representation of truth and reality. “Don Quixote” or “Don Assaad Quixote” as he is named in the play, tried to sow dreams of change in the minds and spirits of his people; but he came up against a sad and ugly truth: some societies do not desire to change, and latch onto their diseases, hungering for corruption and following their leaders’ whims. 

Don Quixote” is a play that verges on dreams and fantasy, and that is presented with a revolutionary vision.
We set off from our environment, our country, and our reality to travel through a story that sheds light on corruption and injustice through an errant knight in love with his imaginary Dulcinea, whom he reverts back to purity after society had corrupted her.

And here is the shameful equation: who is the victim and who is the oppressor, the people or the rulers? At times, they are both partners in crime.
We have taken the essence of the story and presented it in a play, which we introduced to you the general guidelines, leaving the details and dramatic an comic incidents for the performance.
With a new vision in direction, great production, dramatic script and lyrics, and dazzling composition and performance, this play will come to life with a high tech mobile décor, futuristic costumes, captivating choreography, and elite artists.

The concept and music are signed by Oussama Rahbani, the book and lyrics by Ghadi Rahbani, the direction by Marwan Rahbani, and the production by Byblos International Festival and Oussama Rahbani.
We hope “Don Quixote” will be a new and innovative version of the novel that has taught generation after generation,

The first generation met “Don Quixote” with laughter.
The second met it with a smile.
The third met it with tears.
We hope that our people meet it with a pinch of conscience, to change the inhuman and unjust situations prevailing in our modern society.

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Cast and credits
  Concept and Music   Oussama Rahbani
  Book and Lyrics   Ghadi Rahbani
  Directed by   Marwan Rahbani
  Artistic Consultant   Fouad Khoury
  Set and costumes designer   Agnes Treplin
  Choreographer   Dolly Sfeir
  Assistant Choreography   Pascal Sayegh Zgheib
  Set execution   Myriam Kordahi
  Wardrobe execution   Majed Bou Tanous
  Dance   Arabesque
  Hairdresser   Robert Maalouf
  Production Manager   Abdo Housseini
  Production Office Manager   Issam Hamdan
  Public Relation   Sami Attieh
  Assistant Director   Boutros Hanna
  Recorded At   Georges Merheb
  Visual effects and Graphics   Studio
Emile Adaimy
  Produced by   Byblos International Festival and Oussama Rahbani
  Don Assaad Quixote
  Rafic Ali Ahmad
  Dima – Dulcinéa   Hiba Tawaji
  Samho Al Ghool   Paul Sleiman
  Al Moutahakem bel Ibad   Antoine Balaban
  Al Mouhtaram Majid   Assaad Haddad
  Al Tahich   Nazih Youssef
  Atared – Tarka el Haeka   Maya Yamine
  Nicolas the Barber   Boutros Hanna
  Shamshoum Al Kirchani   Tony Issa
  Rana   Rita Hayek
  Mr Farhat   Michel Nassar

          Paul Sleiman
Marwan Rahbani   Ghadi Rahbani  

Oussama Rahbani

  Hiba Tawaji   Rafic Ali Ahmad   Paul Sleiman
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