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Celebrated as “ The Caesar of Arabic Music”, Kadim Al Sahir is one of the most succesful singers in the Arab World. Having sold over 100 million albums worldwide, he's also a talented author and composer in his own right. Live in concert, he holds the audience in the palm of his hand. This sophisticated and elegant crooner will offer his fans an evening of poetry and romance underneath the starry sky.


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Born in Iraq in 1957, Kadim grew up fueled by a passion for creativity. After exploring various forms of art including sculpture, painting, drawing and poetry, he decided to specialize in music. Soon after he became a multi-instrumentalist and started composing his own music. Kadim popularized the Iraqi song far beyond the country’s borders during very challenging times of wars with hits such as “Ubart il shat”, “Salamtak beed Allah”, & “Baghdad Kathora Al Hadeeth”. He then went on to re-define Arabic music by setting Arabic poetry to his innovative compositions. He is best known for his work on the repertoire of legendary Syrian romantic poet Nizar Qabbani who hailed him as “The Caesar of Arabic music”. For the last 25 years, Kadim has built a groundbreaking and substantial body of work ranging from big romantic ballads to more political work, from pop to Arab classical music. “Ini khayartoki”, “Zidini ishqan”, & “Ahibini” are just some of his enormously popular hits.

Throughout his career, Kadim has received a number of prestigious artistic awards including the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards for “Best Middle Eastern/North African Artist” as well as the “Audience Award”.
A true humanitarian, he is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and his numerous recognitions include a “First Class Accolades Honour” by The Arab League.


Kadim Al Sahir

Kadim has produced many hit albums and songs and played live to millions of people worldwide. He has performed at the most prestigious venues across the globe including the Royal Albert Hall in London - England, Circus Maximus in Rome - Italy, & MGM Grand in Las Vegas - USA. He has also collaborated with various international artists including Quincy Jones, Lenny Kravitz, Sarah Brightman, Cheb Mami, and TransGlobal Underground, and crossed over to an even wider audience. He has been called “a respected classical singer... heartthrob pop star of the Arab world... and a weapon of mass seduction” by some of the biggest media references in the world such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Observer.

Every live appearance by this charismatic and talented singer is a sold-out event, with feverish crowds rushing to listen to his timeless songs catch a glimpse of his magic. This summer, it’s Byblos that will be under Kadim’s spell: a unique moment of music, poetry and seduction for all our romantic festivalgoers.

Kadim Al Sahir @ ByblosDiscography

1984 - Shajart Al-Zeitoon
1989 - Ghazal
1990 - Al-Aziz
1991 - La Ya Sadiki
1992 - Efrah
1993 - Banat Alaebak
1994 - Salamtek Min Al-Ah
1995 - Baad Al-Hob
1996 - Aghsili Bilbard
1996 - Sa'b 'alayya
1997 - Fi Medreset Al-Hob
1998 - Ana Wa Laila
1999 - Habibeti Wa Al-Matar
2000 - Al-Hob Al-Mustaheel
2001 - Abhathu Anki
2002 - Qusat Habebain
2003 - Hafiat Al-Kadamain
2004 - Ila Tilmitha
2004 - Mlina al-Bu'd
2005 - Entaha al Mushwar
2007 - Yawmiyat Rajul Mahzoum
2008 - Souwar
2009 - Al Rasm Bel Kalimat
2011 - La Tazedeh Lawa'


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